Universidad de los Andes Sede Caribe

The building Universidad de los Andes Sede Caribe is located in Serena del Mar, an urban project in the city of Cartagena, Colombia, 12 Km from its historic center. With 3.000 m2, it is the first campus of Universidad de los Andes outside Bogotá. 

The campus

Brandon Haw Architecture (BHA) was the company that crafted the design of this new building of Universidad de los Andes (14.097m2 in total), incorporating internal and external spaces to create collaborative working zones that evoke the Caribbean landscape. 

In the bio-climatic design, thought to fit the local conditions, concrete wings stand out. They are placed according to the orientation and the pattern of the sun's rays during the year controlling the manner in which shadow is cast while maintaining the view of the building's exterior scenery. 


Km. 8 Vía al Mar,
Serena del Mar

Contact Information

(+571) 3394949
Ext. 4627-4626


Holiday Inn

We recommend Holiday Inn Cartagena morros. This hotel is just a few minutes from Universidad de los Andes sede Caribe. Click here to get a special rate. 


Cartagena "La heroica"

Known as "La Heroica" for barricading 105 days to resist against a reconquering attempt, Cartagena de Indias has been declared world heritance, being one of the reasons that it holds the most extensive and one of the most complete systems of military fortifications in South America.

Its port has been considered a great commercial gateway to America for almost 500 years, nowadays, 265 nautical miles from the Panamá Channel, it becomes an strategic point for logistic operations.


  • Ciudad amurallada | Walled City

  • Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas | San Felipe de Barajas Castle

  • Museo del Oro Zenu | Zenu Gold Museum


From the Airport

There are authorized taxis that would take you from the airport for an approximate fare of $50.000 COP to Universidad de los Andes Sede Caribe. Uber service is also a good option to take into account but it is not so common. 

Within the city

Though taxi might be the best option, make sure to ask in the hotel the approximate fares to the place you want to go, most of the times the fare can be negotiable. A bus route will depart from Holiday Inn hotel to Serena del Mar in the mornings and way back in the evenings. 

Tourist information

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